Specialized Care

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Heart Failure Program

A specialized Palliative Home Care Program designed for individuals with life-limiting heart disease.  Trained, professional staff provide comprehensive education to the patient and caregiver on how to manage heart disease.  The goal of this program is to reduce the severity and complications of the patient’s heart disease while improving the patient’s quality of life and reduce further hospitalizations.

Pediatric Palliative Care Program

Pediatric Palliative Care is a program for the care of children who have life-limiting conditions with a special focus on enhancing quality of life while relieving the suffering of the child and family members. This family-centered care is provided by trained, professional staff, including Dr. Lubna Ahmed and Dr. Dennis O’Brien from the Lutheran Children’s Hospital who oversee the care of pediatric patients receiving services from our organization.

Watchful Passage

The Watchful Passage Program provides a volunteer as a quiet, comforting presence at the bedside of dying patients. Trained hospice volunteers provide comfort and support to patients and family members during a time when they may feel alone and overwhelmed.